All Enterprise Services For Estonia In One Spot 

CAWI has been operating on the Estonian market and the Baltic’s since year 2004.

Our clients are mostly Nordic and other Europeans. Our services are developed based on these clients needs and wishes.

The services are continuously developed and we operate simultaneously in Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and English. On top of that we are able to serve in German and French. 

Your personal finance department


The statement above is summing up what the company is offering. Throughout the years CAWI has been and is active in various projects according to client needs. CAWI is helping its clients to find what is missing, not just what is good, bad or needs development.

Comprehensive market research, founding companies, financial management including paperless bookkeeping, finding affordable funding for companies, permits and studies, registrations, tax related advisory services and hands on involvement regarding tax issues (with an excellent track record) is our business day.

Make your life easier and join CAWI.